Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Recipe from Sarah

Snow Ice Cream:

snow (clean!)
vanilla - just a little bit
sugar - just a little bit

Mix it all up. Eat!

Mama: How do you know this?
Sarah: Because we made it at Mary's house and it's really yummy!

(Laura - that's what happened to all your sugar today!)

Picture from last year's ice storm - hoping this year just bring snow instead of ice.

Sew with Cotton Contest

Emily was one of the Farm Bureau Sew with Cotton contest winners from our county. She won a trip to Little Rock to the Farm Bureau convention and state competition. She made the blouse, skirt and bag. Although she didn't place, she had a great and memorable time and plans to compete next year. Mom was particularly proud since her sewing skills consist of simply sewing on buttons!

Live Window Display

Sarah and Natalie had the opportunity to be a live dancing display in a store window on the square (Sow's Ear Antiques) during the Christmas parade. They danced to the Nutcracker many times through! They were sparkly and beautiful - the hit of the downtown merchant's festivities!

Christmas Ballet Performance 2009

The girls in the Berryville Community Center production of "The Velveteen Rabbit" and "The Winter Muses". Elizabeth: Winter Muse, Natalie: Ribbon Candy and real rabbit, Sarah: The Velveteen Rabbit, Emily: Winter Muse and The Good Fairy.

Church Christmas Pagent

***What goes on behind the scenes at the church Christmas pagent...

Natalie and Dawson Stice - they are good friends and sheep showing buddies in real life, so playing Mary and Joseph was fun for them.
***Click on this photo to see their faces - it's hysterical! I couldn't edit my post to enlarge this photo. My computer skills consist of checking my emails! My children are helping with this blog so bare with us as we fine tune our blogging skills!

Christmas 2009

Before...and after. And the after shot wasn't posed! It was a wonderful day spent at home. Blogger is flipping these pictures backwards vs. how I have them on my draft. Anyway, obviously the destroyed living room (first pic) is the after!

Testing, testing....

Just a quick note to see if we can actually post to this blog!